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The Native American Association of Germany e.V.

Mission and Objectives

Meeting point for Native Americans in Europe

NAAoG goals to provide a meeting point for Native Americans living or temporarily stationed by US Military in Europe. Ideally, the meeting point provides Native Americans the opportunity to continue or build relationship with other Native Americans in the Europe-area.
The NAAoG organizes meetings for Native Americans; arranges pow-wows; supports Native Americans throughout their activities during the federally recognized “National American Indian Heritage Month” during November.

Central contact center for Native Americans visiting Europe

The NAAoG provides a central contact center opportunity for Native Americans visiting Europe.
The NAAoG assists Native American artists; cooperates with Native American organizations; hosts Native American guests; organizes sight-seeing tours.

Education Information Center for Europeans

The NAAoG is an education information center for Europeans interested in Native American culture.
The NAAoG advises educational institutes focusing on Native American topics; organizes workshops for teachers and educators; organizes seminars and educational events for members of the NAAoG; supplies answers to questions by adults and children; clarifies misconceptions and clichés related to the Native Americans; organizes cultural celebrations; provides information about present Native American lifestyle; provides assistance to compile educational material purposes; serves as consultants in the making of television documentaries; acts as the resource center for the national and international press; establishes, builds & maintains close working relationship with museums; participates in multi-cultural events; acts as the first-hand knowledge source.

History of the NAAoG e.V.

Native Americans in the Military

Native Americans have been stationed in Germany since 1945. They established the “American Indian Intertribal Society” in 1976, which was later, renamed “Native American Intertribal Society of Germany”.
Over the years, an increasing number of Germans have taken part in their activities. These interactions formed the basis for the establishment of the NAAoG e.V. in 1994.

Status of the NAAoG e.V.

The NAAoG is registered at the District Court (Amtsgericht) Kaiserslautern, Germany (Registration-Number VR Kai 2237) and recognized as a non-profit organization by the Finance Department (Finanzamt) of Kaiserslautern ("e.V. - eingetragener Verein" means registered association).



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