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Building Bridges - Connecting People

We are looking for a host family for a Native American guest. Who can help?

It's a matter of urgency.

Please send us a



The "Checkpoint Charlie Stiftung" (Checkpoint Charlie Foundation) in Berlin asked NAAoG e.V. to share this information:


The WELCOME HOME TO BERLIN program was initiated in 2008 as a tribute to U.S. military service in Berlin (West), commemorating the 60th anniversary of the Berlin Airlift. Working closely with our American partner, the Berlin U.S. Military Veterans’ Association (BUSMVA), the Checkpoint Charlie Foundation endeavors to honor and remember those who risked their lives to protect Berlin’s freedom in the days of the Cold War. For that purpose, the Foundation organizes and finances one-week-long tours for the U.S. military veterans who were stationed in Berlin, Germany any time between 1945 and 1994. Each year, twelve participants of the annual Welcome Home to Berlin program can come to Berlin and are taken around the most significant historic places in the city and also the sites relevant to the members of the U.S. military forces who were stationed there. Since 2008, we have been able to host nearly 200 vets in Berlin. For more information on this program, please check our website:




A 19 year old German is looking for Native American penpals to improve language skills and share information about culture, customs and traditions. If you are interested or if you know somebody, please send us a message.



Who can help? - German flower enthusiast would like to experience the flower and herb blossom in Canada and the USA.  




She is looking for knowledgeable persons, families and organizations. She would like to have direkt contact and experiences rather than tourist events. Being a nature tour guide in Germany, she shows interested parties endemic plants in her area and explains their significance for culture and traditions. Please, send us a message if you know somebody.


Photography Project of German Student / Photographer

A German student is looking for Native Americans in Germany who would be interested in being a part of her photography project she will use to achieve her Bachelor's Degree. This is the description she sent to us:

Remark: This project is finished. 




"Everyone in the world is connected by six degrees of separation", a saying that many people know. The "small-world-phenomenon" is well known but in daily live we usually just pass  it without noticing..
My bachelor thesis in the category photography should deal with that topic. I want to take a journey around the world, but here in Germany.

I want to make photo shootings with people who are living here, but at the same time preserved parts of their own culture that are of high importance to them. It should be normal for them to live their own culture while being a part of the German way of life.

Its going to be portrait photography as well as taking photos of the surroundings (portraying subtile influences, originalities and traditions that are characteristic for their cultures - at their home as well as away fom home, e.g. visiting cultural events, get-togethers, places etc.).
I want to encourage people who will see my work to open their eyes. I want to show them that it is not necessary to travel around the whole world to experience different cultures and that all of this is taking place right on their doorsteps.
I want to show that cultural diversity can bring us forward, shows new perspectives and inspires our daily life when we are just open for it.

That's why I'm looking for YOU! And by saying you, I mean people who feel addressed by my words, who think it is important to live their own culture and who are open for giving others an insight and by doing so make it possible that the observer can travel around the world.

Besides the main photography work I want to make small booklets about each homeland, the culture and traditions and give some advice where you can go out for a meal that is characteristic for the country / culture and where you can find a cultural hotspot, for example.


It should look like the project came into being where your roots are and like you are living there. At first glance, the beholder should think I had travelled around the whole world to do this project and then realize that all of those great cultures are part of our daily life when you just go through the world with your eyes wide open.

It doesnt matter to me if you were born here or there. It is just important that your culture is of high importance in your life.
Ideally, you shouldn't be over 40 years old, because that's a part of my concept as well. 

Of course, the ones participating will get the photos for free use afterwards.



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