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We are looking for a host family for a Native American guest. Who can help?

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November is National Native American Heritage Month

The Native American Association of Germany e.V. supported the celebrations (observances) taking place in the context of the "National Native American Heritage Month" over here in Germany for many years. We provided contacts to Native American artists, dancers, singers, guest speakers, filmmakers etc. We organized tours and powwows in the context of the Heritage Month and set up displays.  In the past we were on tour with our own dance groups doing cultural presentations at US military installations, including American schools.
This year everything seems to be different and pretty much confusing, because suddenly there are two proclamations by U.S. President Donald Trump. You can see them when visiting the website of The White House in Washington. November is still "National Native American Heritage Month", but at the same time it is also proclaimed as "National American History and Founders Month".  This left us puzzled. More research was required. Step by step we will share the information we've found so far. First of all, please take a look at this website:



You will find more information, news and two discussion groups on our Facebook site.



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