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Powwows in Europe

Quite often we receive inquires about when NAAoG e.V. will host its next powwow event. Due to the fact that at the association's events only Native Americans wear regalia, we are not able to organize powwows at the moment. Because, currently there are not enough Native American dancers and singers in Germany. So the association will continue to focus on cultural events and education. Please, also read the association's statement about non-Native American dancers and singers under "Dancing and Singing".

But, there are other groups and associations that organize powwows and the events are open for everybody to participate and to the public. Most of the dancers and singers are non-Native Americans, but very often some Native American guests are invited to experience and participate in a European powwow event. In general the powwows over here are different from the powwows in the United States and Canada, although various groups, organizations, and participants do their best to host a powwow as accurately as possible.

For our European readers:
If you can not travel to the United States or Canada you may want to experience one of Europe’s powwow events in order to at least get an idea how a Native American powwow might be organized and conducted in the United States and Canada.

For our Native American readers who are currently in Germany:
Maybe you have already heard about the European powwows and would like to visit one. Please, note that NAAoG e.V. does not judge if Native American culture is represented in a correct or incorrect way at the powwows in Europe. We have seen a lot of positive things and respect and we have seen negative things that caused arguments. There are so many different opinions about these powwows from the Native American side as well as from the European visitors' side. It is up to you to decide whether you like these European powwows or not.

NAAoG e.V. will respect the dance arena and what it represents, even when
discrepancies are observed. Showing that respect is very valuable to us.

If you are interested in visiting one of those European powwows you may take a look at the website It is in German only.


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