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Connecting People

Interview Request for Master Thesis

Hello, my name is Charlotte and I'm doing my master thesis on sneezing responses throughout languages. For this I need to conduct short (10 - 15 minutes) interviews where I will ask

  • what responses to sneezing exist in one's native language (and also how to spell them in the native language system),
  • what they mean literally,
  • and in which situations they are used or not
  • as well as some demographic questions.

The interviews will be conducted over online video or audio chat (that’s up to the interviewee) and recorded. The recordings will only be used for scientific purposes and not be uploaded publicly. I would be delighted to get as varied a pool of participants as possible even though all I can offer in return is my gratitude. If this sounds interesting to you and you would like to help me out, please contact me.

Thank you in advance! : )


If you would like to communicate with Charlotte, please use our contact form.




We received a request from a Casting Director in Sweden. They are looking for Native American actors (also amateurs) for a film production starting in September. If you are interested or if you know somebody, please send us a message.