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NAAoG e.V. - Our English-speaking forum

For many years, the Native American Association of Germany e.V. has been using the service of ForumRomanum to create various forums  Due to a lack of time we decided to take a break and we deactivated the forums. We want to change this with immediate effect. This new public forum is embedded into our internet portal and it is in English only. In addition, there is also a public forum in German and two more for our members (password-protected area) and another one for doing research. 

You can read entries and comments here on the site, but in order to actively participate by starting new threads and writing comments, you have to open up a user account at ForumRomanum and then apply for membership in this forum. Please, note that writing is only possible when you visit this forum on ForumRomanum directly. You can follow the link below. The provider ForumRomanum displays advertisements. We have no influence on the content of these ads. Third-party cookies can be set. 

NAAoG forum in full size

If you have any questions about this forum, you can reach our admin and the moderators using our contact form, which we have set up especially for this purpose.