Native American Association of Germany e.V.
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Besides providing a virtual meeting point for Native Americans living in Europe and a central contact center opportunity for Native Americans (artists, authors, guest speakers, educators, etc.) visiting Europe, the NAAoG is also an education information center for Europeans interested in increasing their knowledge about Native American nations and receiving first hand information.

The NAAoG 

  • clarifies misconceptions and clichés related to the Native Americans
  • acts as the resource center for the national and international press
  • serves as consultants in the making of television documentaries in Europe
  • advises educational institutes focusing on Native American topics by providing information for teachers and educators
  • provides assistance to compile educational material purposes
  • establishes, builds & maintains close working relationship with museums

Currently we are supporting several projects by doing research and sharing links to educational resources. This is the password-protected login area for these projects. Please note that basic English language skills are required to become a team member and support a project by doing research.

List of current projects and links to the login areas

Graphic Novel Project
School Project - German Students, 8th Grade - English class
Native American Children's Books
Native American Teaching Material
Educational Resources - Native American Students
Resources - Not Your Mascots
Native American Horsemanship

Unfortunately, we cannot change the settings for the login area. So far it's only available in German. Please, let us know, if you have a hard time logging in and we will send you detailed instructions.