Discussions in Germany

Winnetou - A Never Ending Story 

European media spread false information about our association, our goals and objectives, our values and our work which is predominantly educational. We never demanded to cancel Winnetou, a fictional Mescalero-Apache hero. The first three Winnetou books were published in 1893. The stories were created by the famous German author Karl May. Here is the link to an article, published by DW (Deutsche Welle) in English. It provides background information about the discussion and about the author Karl May, his Winnetou books and the old Winnetou movies. The first one had its movie theater premiere back in 1963.


Are these books and the old movies problematic? Yes, they are. Step by step we will explain in details why. This is going to be an ongoing process. Are so-called "positive" stereotypes harmless? No, they are not, definitely not and this public discussion is the best example. There are a lot of reasons why these books and movies are problematic. The Native Americans who are pointing this out are getting verbally attacked in a very disgusting way.