We receive more and more e-mails from German educators, teachers, and parents who are concerned about stereotypes being passed on at kindergartens and schools in Germany. They want to emsure that children have access to accurate information about the diversity of Native American nations. But, there is barely any teaching material available in German language that was created by Native Americans.

If you have access to teaching material and like to share it, even though it's in English, please send us a message.


For now, we will share links to websites and videos in English, so that educators, teachers and parents have something to show to German speaking children, even though they will have to translate or explain it. 

We hope that by spreading the word we will find Native American authors, organizations and publishing companies with an interest in getting their teaching material, children's books, and videos translated into German. At the same time we will continue to help raising awareness for stereotypes that are still widely spread here in Europe by sharing links to websites, articles and videos focusing on these topics. We start with a linklist and embedded YouTube videos to give you a first insight. In these videos and articles Native Americans voice their opinions.

On the new site "Information for children - Educational Resources" you will find embedded YouTube videos of "Molly of Denali", as well as background information and links to online games and other activities by PBS KIDS. 

Stereotypes and Costumes
Information for children - Educational Resources