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The links on this site will lead you to educational recources that are available online. The embedded videos give you a first insight.

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While a lot of German children are still watching "Yakari", a German television series that reinforces stereotypes and is aired out by ARD and ZDF (Germany's public broadcasters), this is what children in the United States get to see: 

Molly of Denali FULL EPISODE! | Berry Itchy Day/Herring Eggs or Bust | PBS KIDS

Each episode is followed by "Ask Molly - Molly answering questions about life in Alaska".

Tanana River Canoe Song | MOLLY OF DENALI - PBS KIDS

Molly of Denali Behind the Scenes at WGBH

"MOLLY OF DENALI is the first nationally distributed children’s series in the U.S. to feature an Alaska Native lead character." For more information, please visit the Official YouTube Channel for Molly of Denali. .

You will find very interesting and educational games and other activities at Unfortunately, the videos on the website cannot be watched in Germany, but there are several on the Official YouTube Channel for Molly of Denali.

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