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Translation of the German text about "Cookie-Einstellungen" (Cookie Settings)

Unfortunately, it is not possible to edit the text about cookie settings. Currently, it is in German. We hope that our webspace provider will change that in the near future. Below the screenshot, you will find a translation of the text that will help you to make a choice.

Cookie Settings

This website uses cookies to offer visitors the best possible user experience. Certain third party content will only be displayed if "Drittanbieter-Inhalte" ("Third-party content") is enabled.

Technisch notwendige
Technically necessary

These cookies are necessary for the operation of the website, e.g. to protect against hacker attacks and to ensure a consistent and demand-adapted appearance of the page.


These cookies are used to further optimize the user experience. This also includes statistics that are made available to the website operator by third party providers, as well as the display of personalized advertising by tracking user activity across various websites.

Third Party Content

This website may offer content or functionalities that are made available by third parties on their own responsibility. These third party providers can set their own cookies, e.g. to track user activity or to personalize and optimize their offers.



External Content and Third Party Cookies
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