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Racism, Cultural Appropriation and Decolonization

We are constantly receiving requests from the media, organizations and individuals asking for interviews and statements

The interest in the topics of "racism", "cultural appropriation" and "decolonization" and the call for change are bigger than ever before. We very much welcome this development, because it is what we always wanted to achieve with our educational work. For decades, however, we were barely heard. Now the interest has become so big that it takes a lot of time to process the many inquiries. 

For this reason, we will increasingly publish information in a short form from now on, embed relevant videos and link to other websites. Of course, we are still available to answer any further questions and look forward to your feedback. We endeavor to provide a prompt, short answer to your request and we can connect you with interview partners and guest speakers. A revision of texts and detailed explanations in writing within a short period of time are unfortunately no longer possible. However, we are happy to take up the topic and publish additional information and further links later on. We will process the inquiries that we have received so far as soon as possible.

If you would like to delve into a specific topic, send us a note. We can provide lists of additional information sources.


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