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Native Americans in Europe

The Native American Association of Germany e.V. provides a virtual meeting point for Native Americans living in Europe (temporarily or permanently). Ideally, the meeting point gives Native Americans the opportunity to continue or build relationship with other Native Americans in the Europe-area. (Excerpt from: NAAoG - Mission and Objectives)

Living far away from home can be a very interesting and even life-changing experience, but it might also become a challenge. There are quite a lot of differences, like e.g. costums and traditions, mentality, sense of humor etc. - just to name a few. When the Native American Association of Germany used to host powwows and get-togethers we often received phone calls from Native Americans living in Europe. They were asking us when the next event would take place and expressed their need to reconnect to their cultures. 

Today we are all connected by the World Wide Web and we can use our smart phones and computers to stay in contact with our loved ones. We can have livestreams and video chats, which is very good. But after all, these possibilities cannot replace a social get-together. It is good that we can listen to music and watch people dancing, but even if we have a big television screen and a very good sound system, it will not create this special, intensive, and undescribable feeling we all have when the drum is right there and when we are all together on the dance arena during an intertribal. It's possible to listen to stories by watching a video, but this will not create the special atmosphere that is there when an elder is telling a story in his or her own unique way, while everybody else is sitting in a circle listening, being calm and at peace. And in between there is all of this laughter. Everybody is laughing so hard that the bellies are hurting later on. 

These are only a few examples. Wonderful experiences and opportunities we were able to offer in the past.  We all hope that it will be possible to organize social get-togethers in the future again, besides all of the other things we would like to accomplish. There is much more that quite a lot of Native Americans are missing when they are far away from home.

With this new login-area we are providing a virtual meeting point for Native Americans who are permanently living or temporarily stationed in Europe. Native Americans who spent time over here in the past are welcomed to join the group and share their own experiences. Their input would be highly appreciated.

If you follow this link you will see the login site for Native Americans. Unfortunately, we cannot change the settings. So far it's only available in German. Please, let us know, if you have a hard time logging in and we will send you detailed instructions. As soon as you enter these sites, everything will be in English.

Virtual Meeting Point for Native Americans - Login