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Events in Europe

Exhibit: "The North American Indian – Fascination and staging in the photographies of Edward Curtis"
Kultur- und Stadthistorisches Museum Duisburg (City Museum Duisburg, Germany) On September 27th 2020 the City Museum of Duisburg, Germany opens its new temporary exhibit titled “The North American Indian –...   mehr


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The casting is finished

Final decisions have been made. The casting director from Sweden is not looking for Native American actors any longer.

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Updates - Website

19.10.2020, 08:37

New public forum in English

Besides our German-speaking forum we created a new one in English. You will find the link at the bottom of this page.   mehr

19.10.2020, 08:23

New password-protected virtual meeting point for Native Americans in Europe

Recently, we are receiving more requests from Native Americans who would like to communicate with other Natives. That's why we have started to create a virtual meeting point for Native Americans in Europe in...   mehr

25.09.2020, 20:30

New site "Events in Europe"

Please follow the link at the bottom of this page to take a look. You will find information about an exhibit at the City Museum Duisburg in Germany.   mehr

05.09.2020, 09:10

NAAoG e.V. on Social Media

A lot of Native Americans are using social media. In order to share news and information fast and effectively, our association has a Twitter and a Facebook page. If you click on the link at the button of this...   mehr

20.08.2020, 13:10

New site - Information for children - Educational Resources

While a lot of German children are still watching "Yakari", a German television series that reinforces stereotypes and is aired out by ARD and ZDF (Germany's public broadcasters), children in the United States...   mehr

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