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Exhibit extended: "The North American Indian – Fascination and staging in the photographies of Edward Curtis"
Kultur- und Stadthistorisches Museum Duisburg (City Museum Duisburg, Germany) On September 27th 2020 the City Museum of Duisburg, Germany opens its new temporary exhibit titled “The North American Indian –...   mehr


15.03.2021, 10:24

Interview Request for Master Thesis

You will find more information under "Connecting People".   mehr

04.09.2020, 16:18

The casting is finished

Final decisions have been made. The casting director from Sweden is not looking for Native American actors any longer.   mehr

07.08.2020, 12:58

Looking for Native American Actors

We received a request from a Casting Director in Sweden. For more information, please take a look at the site "Connecting People". You will find the link at the bottom of this news page.   mehr

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Native Americans voicing their opinions - Stereotypes and "Indian" Costumes

Especially on social networks you will find a lot of controversal discussions about cultural appropriation, "Indian" costumes, stereotypes, and racism. Many comments show very clearly that there is a lack of understanding why misrepresentation and reinforced stereotypes have a very negative impact on Native Americans, especially on the youth and the children. Step by step we will share links to sources of information We start with a linklist and embedded YouTube videos to give a first insight. You will find the new site when you click on the button "Education" at the bottom of this news page.

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